Basic Principles Of Tarot Reading

Basic Principles Of Tarot Reading

Some people think that to be successful at reading the Tarot Cards you have to be psychic – well, that’s not really true…

…because you can be very successful without ever having a psychic bone in your body!

On the other hand though, being intuitive can be extremely helpful – it’s not at all compulsory, mind you, but it is very helpful…

When consulting your Tarot card layout

So, what’s the difference between being psychic and being intuitive?

Glad you asked.

Here’s my: The difference between psychic’s or intuitive’s ‘in a nutshell’ explanation…

Psychic’s draw information from outside of themselves and intuitive’s know it from within.

Of course this nutshell description doesn’t apply in every case, because there’s obviously going to be some areas of overlap, but, in general, I think it works well enough.

So, what does this actually mean, in practical terms?

Well, if you’re sitting at your table doing a Tarot Card reading for someone, and you hear a little whisper in your ear giving you a crumb of information relating to your client (and, after the shock has worn off when you realise there’s nobody actually standing beside you 🙂 )…

…you’ve just had a psychic ‘experience’ – actually one of clairaudience – and gleaned information from outside yourself, which, incidentally, hasn’t come to you from the cards.

If, on the other hand, during your reading you have a ‘knowing’ of impending gloom/excitement etc about a certain situation – again, not something being reflected in the cards – you’re very likely to be tapping into your intuition…

…and your ‘reading’ is going to be, very much, the better for it.

Can psychic or intuitive abilities be developed?

Yes, of course they can, and the easiest by far is intuition.


Because you’re almost certainly using it in your life already!

Ever had the ‘phone ring and you just knew who it was? That’s intuition.

Ever had the ‘feeling’ you shouldn’t take a specific route home, or get on a particular bus/plane/train and then hear of an accident occurring with these things? That’s intuition.

Ever had that overwhelming knowingness of having failed an exam, or your brother/sister’s in trouble?

That’s intuition, and you know it to be so. You’ve tapped into a certain part of yourself and accessed the information…

…that’s why I call it ‘in-to-you-ition’ – for it comes from within.

No, as I’ve mentioned, it’s not an essential part of being able to read the Tarot – because you can always do what’s called a technical reading – which is what we’ll cover in another article.