How To Choose Your Tarot Cards

People often ask this question and the answer is quite simple and maybe a little convoluted all at the same time. 🙂

You see, as a beginner, it’s a good idea to have a pack of Rider Waite cards just to learn the basics.

But all the cards from any pack will be, generally speaking, interpreted with the same meanings.

So the Ace of Cups with Egyptian symbology, or Greek cats, or garden fairies on it, will still have the same common meaning.

Having said that though, you’ll probably find some of the pictures and symbols will ‘speak’ to you more clearly than others.

And that’s why it’s good to buy whatever cards YOU feel drawn too.

However, most people are recommended, as a Tarot Card beginner, to start with the original Rider Waite pack of cards.

Which is why we’ve used them in our Tarot Reading foundation course – a course, which will help you get a solid start in card reading and allow you to, eventually, read any Tarot cards with confidence.

And after that, the choice of Tarot decks is totally yours.

But, always follow your intuition and choose from cards that have symbolic things on that are of interest to you or perhaps relate to your life in some way.

For example if you like cats – choose a cat deck. If you like bright colours – choose an artistic impressionist deck.

If you enjoy Native American culture then choose a deck with totems on 🙂

You’ll find that whatever you fancy, there will be a deck of cards to suit your particular genre, from sports cars to tree species or, dare I say it, just plain old Tarot.

What do I use myself, well…

I personally use the Aquarian Tarot Deck now and have done for many years – it’s the one I’ve kind of grown into.

But I also have several other packs to hand as well.

This is because, over the years, I’ve been drawn to many different decks – but once I got them home and actually used them for readings…

…they didn’t quite work out as well as my good old favourite the Aquarian ones.

Where can I get to see a good range of cards?

Well, most big bookstores will carry a selection of Tarot cards and some may even keep a sample book so you can actually see pictures of the cards.

Or you may have a local candle/incense/new age type store that will probably carry a good range.

Or, of course, you can always search online…

But only buy cards that YOU ‘like the look of’ – cards that draw you personally – because, then, you’ll find ‘reading’ them a pleasure. 🙂

Don’t be influenced by anyone else.

So try to look at as many different Tarot card decks as you can and really look deeply at them.

Do they trigger anything within you? For example…

Do they ‘talk’ to you – by which I mean…
Do they excite you and provoke or reveal…

Can you see yourself…

Are they reflecting back to you…

Yes, choosing the correct cards is very much a personal choice and you may find you try several packs before you find – the ‘right’ one for you – your favourite one.

And also remember that the Tarot represents your journey through life and how you grow and change.

So, the pack of cards that thrills, excites and inspires you today may turn out to be one of tomorrow’s shelf fillers.

But don’t worry. There are no accidents ever and you will be drawn to the right deck of Tarot cards, at the right time.

And as you change and evolve, so will your preferences.