Tarot Spread A Super Easy Layout
For Newbies

So, you want to learn how to read the Tarot Cards?

Okay, let’s begin with looking at a very simple tarot spread…

…because, whilst there are numerous tarot card spreads out there for you to use, I always think uncomplicated is best. 🙂

But please don’t forget, before you can analyze the particular layout of the cards in the right way, you should also be well-versed in their particular meanings too…

…then you can move on to connecting with them when they’re within a spread.

So, as soon as you become accustomed to each individual card begin playing around with them.

Many card readers start with an understanding of the Celtic Cross Spread. It is easy to use and lay out 🙂

But there’s no doubt that a very simple 3 card spread is an excellent solution to understanding how to read your Tarot cards in the beginning.

Now before you set about using the 3 card spread…

Here’s a simple routine you can try each day

What you’re actually trying to do is fully familiarize yourself with the cards as well as the concept of reading them.

It’s actually very simple to do and will definitely develop your skills each time you do it.

So, at the start of every day, begin by shuffling the cards whilst concentrating on the day ahead of you – then draw just one card to ‘see’ how your day may possibly unfold.

It really is a wonderfully simple and undemanding method to get knowledgeable about the cards and their particular meanings…

…and it may also help you develop your trusty sense of intuition, which is extremely important when it comes to interpreting any Tarot deck.

So, with the help of this rather simple process in mind, let’s begin mastering the 3 Card Spread.

Follow these steps to carry out a 3 Card Reading:

1. Concentrate on Your Problem

2. Shuffle Your Cards

3. Select 1 of the Cards from the pack and place it in the middle of the table. This particular card shows the “present situation” with regards to the question you set yourself.

4. You then choose another card and place it to the left of the 1st card. This actually relates to the “past situation” in regards to the question you asked.

3 Card Reading

Bear in mind the past could possibly be the previous day or perhaps the previous night. It does not have to mean a long time ago.

This card also connects you to the present situation or middle card.

5. Next, pick your third card and lay it to the right of the middle card. This is the “future or outcome of the situation” in regards to the question you asked.

Again, be aware that the future can be later that night, it doesn’t necessarily mean far off in the distant future. 🙂

And there you are – you just did a reading.

When you get to the point that this is easy for you, then you can begin to explore the more intricate layouts like the basic Celtic Cross as mentioned before.